libbeagle split out from main module


I just committed a big change to the source layout of Beagle.
libbeagle, the C library, and the Python bindings built on top of it
have been moved out into their own top-level directory.

This is a good idea because it will break a nasty dependency loop when
trying to integrate Beagle search into the GTK file chooser.  Before,
beagle (and libbeagle) depended on GTK+ for the GUI, but GTK+ would
depend on libbeagle for search integration.  Since libbeagle itself
has no dependencies on GTK+, it's no longer a problem.

This is also how most distributions have been organizing their binary
packages, so it makes a lot of sense to do this at a source level too.

You can check out libbeagle from SVN just as you would beagle.
Instead of pulling /svn/beagle/trunk/beagle, you pull

I did a handful of test builds and rolled test tarballs, and things
are working for me.  Please let me know if I've inadvertently broken
the build (for either beagle or libbeagle).

Also, yesterday Robert Love checked in his beaglefs into SVN as well.
It's a FUSE filesystem which represents Beagle queries as a directory
tree on your filesystem.  You can get that from


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