Re: Beagle changes ctime

At Wed, 14 Mar 2007 17:16:19 -0400,
Joe Shaw wrote:
> Run:
>         BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG=1 BEAGLE_HOME=/tmp/sandbox beagled --fg --debug --indexing-test-mode --backend files
> and see how long it takes to run.  Do it a few times,
> removing /tmp/sandbox/.beagle before each run.  Then run it a few more
> times with BEAGLE_DISABLE_XATTR=1; contrast the running times.  That'll
> give you (and us!) a good idea of what the difference in time is.

OK, I've done a little benchmark.  The differences are marginal.

* Execution times of the command you proposed (each averaged over five

  With XATTR:    55.4 s +/- 2.1 s

  Without XATTR: 60.4 s +/- 1.0 s

* The directory /tmp/sandbox/ (without /tmp/sandbox/.beagle/):

  - Size:

    $ du -s --si /tmp/sandbox/
    95M     /tmp/sandbox/

  - Number of files:

    $ find /tmp/sandbox/ -type f | wc -l

Felix E. Klee

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