Re: newbie questions


> The main problem with mutt files is: what do you use to
open them?
> Should we open a terminal and run mutt inside it?  How do
you specify
> those mails to mutt?  It might be doable, but no one has
contributed a
> mutt backend yet.
It's not a problem: from the filename of the email 
you can guess in which maildir folder it is, and extracting the
message-id completely determines your mail.
Then using mutt's -e option, you can jump to (change to that
search for that message-id and open) that message.
It's a small bash script.

> They're not win32 binaries, they're .Net binaries.  The
.exe is just a
> convention.  On Windows they're run by the .Net runtime. 
On Linux by
> Mono.
I didnt know it (and file told it too...)

> We won't be rewriting it in C because, well, it's a large
project that
> is already something like 80,000 lines of C#.  Memory
issues with 
Beagle ..
I completely understand it.

> are bugs in Beagle alone and have little to do with the
fact that it's
> not an ELF binary.

> (And, FWIW, Mono can compile applications down into an ELF
binary, but
> then we lose a lot of the memory *sharing* that can be
done among all
> Mono applications.)
Thanks for the information (I know very little about modern
I'll try the ubuntu repository which is suggested an another
email (thanks for the link).


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