Re: newbie questions


On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 06:23 +0100, Nagyon Almos wrote:
> > Those maildir directories are mutt files or kmail files ?
> mutt files.
> Are those extra kmail files really neccesary?
> If it counts, there is huge header-cache file.

The main problem with mutt files is: what do you use to open them?
Should we open a terminal and run mutt inside it?  How do you specify
those mails to mutt?  It might be doable, but no one has contributed a
mutt backend yet.

> >[..]
> > Yes. Mono binaries are named as .exe and .dll.
> So there is no way to make it use less memory
> or native elf binary?

They're not win32 binaries, they're .Net binaries.  The .exe is just a
convention.  On Windows they're run by the .Net runtime.  On Linux by

We won't be rewriting it in C because, well, it's a large project that
is already something like 80,000 lines of C#.  Memory issues with Beagle
are bugs in Beagle alone and have little to do with the fact that it's
not an ELF binary.

(And, FWIW, Mono can compile applications down into an ELF binary, but
then we lose a lot of the memory *sharing* that can be done among all
Mono applications.)


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