Re: newbie questions

> [...]
> There are open requests for a mutt backend but nobody has
written it 
Thanks for the information, I didnt know that.
Since I know little about programming, I can just hope that
is will be ready sometime.

> If you are claiming that beagle could use less memory or
be better if
> compiled as native elf binary, then as far as i know,
there is no plan
> to rewrite it in assembly code.
Ok, that is clear and perfectly understandable.

> Those .exe and .dll files are not really win32 files, they
are just
> named like that. Basically they are like java class files.
> Being a managed vm-based language, mono will use a little
more memory
> than the equivalent C program, but writing in mono has other
> advantages and pleasure.
I see.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

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