Re: InfoQ article about beagle


On 7/25/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:

On 7/24/07, Pierre Östlund <pierre ostlund gmail com> wrote:
> It seems like we have an article at just around the corner. James
> Vastbinder (.NET editor over at InfoQ as well as ISV Platform Strategy
> Advisor over at Microsoft) made a comment on my blog about this. I contacted
> him to validate this. He really wanted to get the hold of the project leader
> and since I'm not that person I recommended him to put this out on this
> list. He asked me to do this on behalf of him, so that's what I'm doing
> right now.

Ah, thanks for forwarding this along.

My pleasure.

Hope this is good. :)

Seems great to me. I'll forward it to him right away :-)


Pierre Östlund

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