InfoQ article about beagle

Hello everybody,

It seems like we have an article at just around the corner. James Vastbinder (.NET editor over at InfoQ as well as ISV Platform Strategy Advisor over at Microsoft) made a comment on my blog about this. I contacted him to validate this. He really wanted to get the hold of the project leader and since I'm not that person I recommended him to put this out on this list. He asked me to do this on behalf of him, so that's what I'm doing right now.

These are basically the questions that he wants answers to:

* What prompted the creation of Beagle?
* How is development of Beagle funded?
* What is the current status of Beagle?
* What is it like competing with Google Desktop and MS Desktop Search?
* Who is the target user of Beagle?
* What are the futures for Beagle?

The questions are meant for the project leader, Joe, so I guess he has the last word here. Just let me know what I should send back to James :-)

Original comment is available at: .


Pierre Östlund

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