Re: Image Content Filter

I can't find my keywords at all, but I can find the keywords from the other filters, so I must be missing something.

It turns out "Brown" just happened to be in the exif information of a Brown image. That is why the other Brown images didn't match.
I have tried several variations, of Properties and Content, New and NewKeyword, all with the same effect.

beagle-extract-content lena.jpg

  Timestamp = 2007-07-15 10:15:05 (Utc)
  color:keyword = IndianRed Red

(no content)
(no hot content)

"ext:jpg IndianRed" returns zero matches

I made a "color" property keyword, trying to mirror the example from the jpeg filter. The idea being to be able to search, "ext:jpg color:IndianRed".

"ext:jpg green" returns an exif match
iptc:keyword = WEARING GREEN

So in a desperate attempt I also made my property exactly the same as the jpeg filter. And did all the same includes incase there was some unknown magic happening upwards.

AddProperty (Beagle.Property.NewKeyword ("iptc:keyword", str));

beagle-extract-content lena.jpg

  Timestamp = 2007-07-15 10:15:05 (Utc)
  iptc:keyword = IndianRed Red

ext:jpg color:"IndianRed Red"
returns zero matches

returns this email, so I know the index is live.

How does beagle know when it's the jpeg filter and when it's my color filter?

Thanks, K

AddProperty (Beagle.Property.New ("iptc:keyword", str));
beagle-extract-content lena.jpg
iptc:keyword = IndianRed Red
ext:jpg "IndianRed Red"
zero matches

ext:jpg "Red"
returns an image with tags "red hair"
but does not return lena.jpg

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