Beagle+Xesam: Weekly Report

Hello All,
This has been a relatively slow week. I've basically been looking at
three things:

1) Completing the Xesam query parser (supporting multiple fields,
"inSet"). This depends on ...

2) Grouping. It appears that Lucene supports something similar to the
grouping that Xesam requires. I need to understand if this is
sufficient (leading to questions about why this doesn't work), or if
there's something else that needs to be added.

3) Metadata fields. There's a huge list of metadata fields supported
by Xesam. We need to understand how many of those we can support, and
how we handle things when a field is not supported. Once this is done,
sorting should be doable.

We're also trying to see if now is a good time to move the adaptor
code into Beagle itself (so Xesam is supported natively), or if we
want to have a more complete adaptor before that.

Arun Raghavan

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