GSoc Weekly Report (Browser Extension Rewrite)

Hi, all.
   Sorry for  a little delay. In last week, I kept  on improving the
firefox extension.
   * port the existed code for search (this page, link, selected text)
to the new extension
   * fix  some bug about index-link ( now can handle the non-html file
in proper way)
   * modify the preferences related codes (give a proper interface)
   * add a function to import the old extension's preferences (the
security filters)
   And finally I manage to pack it up, and do more test.
   You may to try it out . Just download it from beagle org-0 1 xpi
   It may still have some problems, so if you find any bug please let me know.

   For epiphany extension , I read some documents and the existed code
in last week. I will begin coding on it this week.

   what to do next week
   * more test/document for firefox extension
   * epiphany extension develop. (just a list , I've no idea about how
many of them can be done in the next week)
       save file to .beagle/ToIndex/  instead of call beagle-index-url
       add config related code
       GUI ?


Tao Fei (陶飞)
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