Re: Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

On 7/7/07, Johann Petrak <johann petrak chello at> wrote:
I really think that this is a good turn. I think I have somewhere
sometime argued before that an extension would probably be the
cleaner and more flexible approach (though the API for
extension programmers seems to have severe design issues when
it comes to accessing headers etc. too) so I think this is
really good news.

Yeah, an extension removes the need of implementing the wheel once again. It's a little sad though that the API reference (I currently use xulplanet) is lacking so much documentation. Would be nice to see some addition here since I've had to google around like a maniac to figure some stuff out. But XPCOM is pretty nice anyway, so I shouldn't complain that much.

Another plus of the extension approach could be that there are
quite a few TB extension developers out there, so there is
some hope that the community might start contributing at some

Agreed. It's weird though that more developers haven't been targeting Thunderbird, since it's the same stuff underneath the hood as Firefox and Firefox have quite a few extensions nowadays...


Pierre Östlund

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