Re: Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

Hello Rougue,

On 7/7/07, Rogue <roguexz gmail com> wrote:
I just wanted to clarify one thing about this approach. Would this new
approach mean that indexing would happen only when Thunderbird is alive?
If that is the case, do you plan to support a "shutdown TB when indexing
completes" or a "run TB in background" kind of option?

Yes, with this new approach indexing will only be possible whenever Thunderbird is running (which is the only backside to this approach really). The way I'm implementing this is by storing what emails that have been indexed inside the databases that Thunderbird maintains. This will make sure that we keep this information available between sessions which in the end of the day means that once everything has been indexed, it won't have to be indexed again. Only new emails are added to the indexing queue thus speeding up the process a lot.

I haven't actually thought about the feature you are suggesting, but I will certainly keep it in mind and add it when I have some free time :-)

I for one am really looking forward towards your work :-) and would like
to help you out as a beta tester, if you would like that. I have a setup
which consists of both IMAP and POP accounts.

Great, all testing is appreciated!

Also, would this extension be targeting newsgroups and RSS feeds
aggregated by TB?

 Yep, That's my goal - I want to make everything searchable. Everything (except for the address book) work in the same way, so I kinda get all this for free.


Pierre Östlund

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