Re: Weekly SoC report (Thunderbird backend)

Hi Pierre,

Pierre Östlund wrote:
Time for another report (a day late unfortunately, sorry). The past week has been... quite interesting. I've taken a turn and decided to implement a Thunderbird extension instead of doing all parsing and other low-level stuff myself. This will save a great load of code and make things a lot easier.

I just wanted to clarify one thing about this approach. Would this new approach mean that indexing would happen only when Thunderbird is alive? If that is the case, do you plan to support a "shutdown TB when indexing completes" or a "run TB in background" kind of option?

I for one am really looking forward towards your work :-) and would like to help you out as a beta tester, if you would like that. I have a setup which consists of both IMAP and POP accounts.

Also, would this extension be targeting newsgroups and RSS feeds aggregated by TB?

Looking forward to your responses.


The upcoming week is just continued work on the extension. I've gotten a fairly good start and it looks promising...I think. A "deeper" report will be given next week, need some time to get into character with Thunderbird.


Pierre Östlund

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