Beagle+Xesam: Weekly Report

Hello All,
I'm back again with the progress report for the last two weeks (I was
away for part of last week, including the weekend, so you didn't hear
from me earler).

I've moved the code to support most of the latest changes to the Xesam
API, including a few new methods. The race condition while starting
searches has been resolved now with the addition of a StartSearch()
method. There are also some more methods to deal with search objects.
The live/blocking searches are still a little messy. I need to resolve
the intended behaviour with the Xesam folks to resolve this.

Included in the latest commit is also the Xesam query parser (with
some bits missing). The translated search string doesn't always work
(due to grouping). We will soon work out how to deal with this.

My aim now is to clean up the little missing bits and then move on to
the next phase of the project. Integrating the adaptor with Beagle

Cheers, and a happy weekend to all!
Arun Raghavan

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