Re: Beagle,Querying extended properties

Thank you joe!!!, I was wrong .. is vim that removes extended properties..

The next step is try to a way to update file access after change xattr (I think is the only way to reindex the xattr...).
If you have a idea to do this...

Thank you for all!!!

2007/7/5, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org>:

On 7/5/07, Daniel Labella de la Cruz <dani labella gmail com> wrote:
> Now I can store extended attribute to indexable, but I found one problem,  I
> think  maybe is a bug...
> Beagle deletes extended attributes introduced by user
> by example:
>  beagle-shutdown
> tocuh test.txt
> setfattr -n user.test -v test_attribute test.txt
> beagled
> beagle-query --verbose test.txt
> -- In this step I can see the xattr:test = test_attribute
> -- if I do getfattr test.txt I see user.test attribute
> vim test.txt
> -- put some chars to file and save
> bealge-shutdown
> beagled
>  beagle-query --verbose test.txt
>  -- Now I don't see the property
> -- if I do getfattr test.txt I don't see user.test attribute

I think there's a much greater likelihood that vim is removing the
xattrs, not Beagle.

Shut down Beagle first, then create a file, set an xattr on it, edit
the file in vim, and then run getfattr again.  If the attributes
aren't there, it's a vim bug.

(I say this because the way vim works, IIRC, is that the contents are
saved to a temporary file and moved on top of the old one.  If this is
the case, it needs to copy the xattrs from the temp file to the new
file and it probably isn't.)


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