Re: Status of Dashboard

Hi Kevin,

On 6/20/07, Kevin Godby <godbyk gmail com> wrote:
I'm wondering what the status of Dashboard is. I'm currently working
on choosing a topic for my master's thesis and was considering
something along the lines of Dashboard.

Other than Andrew Ruthven's occasional patches, there isn't anything
going on with Dashboard, as far as I know.

I know that Fredrik worked on it a bit during last year's Google
Summer of Code.   What did he get accomplished?  Also, what does the
roadmap/big picture look like these days?

The infrastructure for sending clues around is there, as are plugins
for a few different applications.  There is some search and
summarization stuff there, but not really any UI to speak of.  Kevin
wrote up a bit of a TODO on the project page a couple of months ago,
but I don't agree with all of the points there.  The bottom line is
that someone needs to pick it up and make it their own, really.

The code is all hosted on Google Code:


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