Re: [Tracker] [Strigi-devel] Indexers comparison

it's very good to use a nice +19, but no matter the nice, the app WILL
use cpu. choosing another scheduling policy (like sched_batch) is a
bit better, as a sched_batch process will use 0% cpu in presence of
another process trying to get 100% cpu.
for the search thread, you should request sched_RR or sched_ISO, so
they will run (semi) realtime, speeding up searches.

btw about tracker having a priority of 34/35: this is +19 by default,
and then the kernel dynamically assigns an even higher nice value
(lower priority) due to tracker being a system hog. in other words,
the kernel is being smart (and, in this case, making the right

if you throttle the process, giving it +19 nice won't help much, as
the kernel will probably give it a bonus (thanx to the throttling) so
it will be +/- 0 (bonus is max/min 19).

On 1/18/07, Jamie McCracken <jamiemcc blueyonder co uk> wrote:
Michal Pryc wrote:

> I have to agree with Michael that spending 20 min on indexingh with 50%
> will take probably more power than 10min/100%. The other thing is hard
> drive which is spinning much longer during 20min than 10 and also is
> power consuming. But to be honest I did not thought from this point of
> view, great point! The charts shows the CPU utilisation without other
> heavy running tasks. The other thing is about "user feeling" which can
> not be measured, because it depends on various things. For example
> someone who don't know that `nice` exists will run xmms or mplayer which
> might have the same priority that beagle or strigi does (I don't know
> why trackerd is using priority 34/35??),

trackerd always runs at nice+19 hence the higher value priority (higher
value means less priority!)

you can play quake while tracker is indexing and see no slow down at all
(trackerd cpu goes to ~1%)

  so during watching the movie or
> listening to the music and running 30 other applications normal user,
> would like to run the system with indexer almost without noticing that
> something is running.Another use case is to left computer for the night
> to index all the things, than we would like to run everything using as
> much resources as possible. So this is quite interesting thing to
> discuss, what resources should *ideal* indexer uses and what choices for
> the user should be left.

thats why we support two modes in tracker (via command line switches)
turbo (faster) and normal (slower but less obtrusive)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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