Re: [Tracker] [Strigi-devel] Indexers comparison

Michal Pryc wrote:

I have to agree with Michael that spending 20 min on indexingh with 50%
will take probably more power than 10min/100%. The other thing is hard
drive which is spinning much longer during 20min than 10 and also is
power consuming. But to be honest I did not thought from this point of
view, great point! The charts shows the CPU utilisation without other
heavy running tasks. The other thing is about "user feeling" which can
not be measured, because it depends on various things. For example
someone who don't know that `nice` exists will run xmms or mplayer which
might have the same priority that beagle or strigi does (I don't know
why trackerd is using priority 34/35??),

trackerd always runs at nice+19 hence the higher value priority (higher value means less priority!)

you can play quake while tracker is indexing and see no slow down at all (trackerd cpu goes to ~1%)

 so during watching the movie or
listening to the music and running 30 other applications normal user,
would like to run the system with indexer almost without noticing that
something is running.Another use case is to left computer for the night
to index all the things, than we would like to run everything using as
much resources as possible. So this is quite interesting thing to
discuss, what resources should *ideal* indexer uses and what choices for
the user should be left.

thats why we support two modes in tracker (via command line switches) turbo (faster) and normal (slower but less obtrusive)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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