Re: [Tracker] [Strigi-devel] Indexers comparison

Op woensdag 17 januari 2007, schreef Jamie McCracken:
> Im not so sure - the problem is on some machines using a sustained 100%
> cpu can cause laptops to heat up quickly, become more noisy (fans),
> drain battery life faster etc

well, that would be a reason not to use 100% cpu, but i guess you can use some 
interface to tell the kernel to use energy-saving mode even tough you're 
indexing... would be a much better solution than optimizing for laptops...

> The ultimate goal here is to remain as unobtrusive as possible while
> still indexing at a reasonably fast rate.

well, you're making things worse by only indexing eg 70% of the time, as your 
priority is elevated by the kernel (which thinks the process is interactive). 
so you will kill all system interactivity by doing this...

you should really really lower priority and preferably choose a scheduling 
class like batch for the indexing thread (and use something like sched_iso, a 
semi-realtime scheduling class for the searching thread). presuming you do 
proper threading (i guess all search/indexers do that, right?).

> We do support an optional turbo mode in tracker where the goal is to
> index as fast as possible (Beagle AFAIK also has something similar here)
> so our view is to carry on down that track and support both.

well, it's not bad to have options - and it's pretty easy to detect if a 
laptop is on power and automatically enable this... but again, lowering cpu 
usage by throttling the indexing is really NOT smart as it destroys the 
whole 'smart scheduling' in the kernel.



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