beagle - can it clean up after itself?

A number of questions from a new user (not a developer), about which I haven't been able to find anything
on the web site.

1.  I've noticed that beagle fills my /tmp directory with scores of files named according to the pattern "tmpxxxxxxx.tmp".
     When can these be safely  deleted, and can beagle take care of doing that itself?

2. Same question about files in .beagle/TextCache -  can they be safely deleted; if so, when; and can beagle do this itself?
   This is a serious issue for me, since this directory is rapidly exhausting my hard drive space.

3.  Is there any way for a user to control the amount of memory beagle (really beagled-helper) takes up?  Every time I start beagle,
    by rebooting or by loggin on to my account, there is a longish time when indexing takes up 50-60 percent or more of memory,
    and as a result no other process can run reasonably responsively.  (exercise_the_dog is not set.)

Thanks for any help or references.

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