Re: beagle - can it clean up after itself?


On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 14:50 -0500, Michael Blaustein wrote:
> Joe Shaw writes:
>  > They can be deleted, but it means that you won't have snippets in most
>  > search results.
> I don't know what snippets are in this context.

Snippets are the little bits of text you see in searches.  So a document
that said, "There shall be peace in our time", when matched in a search
for "peace" might be "... shall be piece in our...".

If you delete the text cache, you won't get these snippets for non-text
> Yes!  It seems (so far) that a bad MSWord file was responsible for
> all the memory hogging.  It might be nice if beagle learned to handle
> this more gracefully; of course, I deleted that file . . .

Yep, someone sent me a doc that causes the wv library we use to use 1.3
gigs of memory (and counting) in about 3 seconds.  So I am working on
fixing this; it's bad.


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