Re: beagle - can it clean up after itself?

Joe Shaw writes:
 > On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 12:08 -0500, Michael Blaustein wrote:
 > >> 2. Same question about files in .beagle/TextCache -  can they be
 > >> safely deleted; if so, when; and can beagle do this itself?
 > >>    This is a serious issue for me, since this directory is rapidly
 > >> exhausting my hard drive space.
 > >
 > They can be deleted, but it means that you won't have snippets in most
 > search results.

I don't know what snippets are in this context.

 > >> 3.  Is there any way for a user to control the amount of memory beagle
 > >> (really beagled-helper) takes up?  Every time I start beagle,
 > >>     by rebooting or by loggin on to my account, there is a longish
 > >> time when indexing takes up 50-60 percent or more of memory,
 > >>     and as a result no other process can run reasonably responsively.
 > >> (exercise_the_dog is not set.)
 > >
 > The beagle-helper process monitors its own memory usage and if it
 > crosses a threshold it will shut itself down and restart at the end of
 > the current batch of indexing.  If you're seeing extended periods of
 > time where the memory usage is pretty high (and never going back down),
 > you're probably hitting a bug in one of the file filters.  Examining the
 > index helper logs might help identify the problematic file.

Yes!  It seems (so far) that a bad MSWord file was responsible for
all the memory hogging.  It might be nice if beagle learned to handle
this more gracefully; of course, I deleted that file . . .

Thanks for all the explanations.

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