Re: beagle - can it clean up after itself?

Beagle is 0.2.14.  It's boring to examine hundreds of files, but from
samples it's safe to say they're all products of beagle and seem
mainly to be contents of zip files (or perhaps other archives, too?).

Meanwhile, after ~/.beagle/TextCache completely filled up my hard
drive, I deleted ~/.beagle and started over from scratch.  So far, so

Thanks to all who replied.

Debajyoti Bera writes:
 > >> > >  1.  I've noticed that beagle fills my /tmp directory with scores of
 > >> > > files named according to the pattern "tmpxxxxxxx.tmp".
 > >> > >       When can these be safely  deleted, and can beagle take care of
 > >> > > doing that itself?
 > >> >
 > >> > Beagle is supposed to automatically delete them. When beagle is not
 > >> > running, there should not be any tmp*.tmp files in the /tmp directory.
 > >> > Those can be safely deleted when beagle is not running. In fact, if
 > >> > there are tmp files then its is a serious BUG.
 > >>
 > >> Hmmm... I just looked in my /tmp and found about 240 of these files. I
 > >> just ran beagle-shutdown and those files are still there. Using the
 > >> command, 'du -hc tmp*tmp' shows me that they total about 8.3MB.
 > >
 > Which beagle version do you have ? And what kind of files are those ? I
 > mean, 
 > do they look like emails, email attachments, contents of some zip file ? I 
 > guess they are emails or email attachments, but please check. If they are 
 > email related, which email client do you use ?

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