Re: 1GB log files?

In the case of the last (and indeed, this current) run though, it would
probably just show a very reasonable and completely understandable
situation, no?

I hope it does.

> You might delete the older ones - since you started the new run with
> better (read: worse for your computer) performance.

Well, only worse by about 10MB.  Still in the noise I'd say.  A 100MB
beagled is still quite reasonable I'd say.  Or is there a goal to get it
much lower than that?

Without any of the Evo backends, I generally get around 40 MB RSS.
Did you start the current run after deleting the previous .beagle ?
Looks like, you just started after the crash in which case it probably
isnt doing any heavy duty indexing. All the indexing was done in the
earlier two instances. So, I would say 100 MB VM is the natural usage
for your data i.e. if beagled was indexing, I would expect it to
stabilize at about 150 MB or so. Note that, ideally beagled should
free all its memory and once indexing is over, its VM should cool down
to 100 MB but due to the non-compacting nature of mono's garbage
collector, the VM might look a bit larger, but only little bit more.


Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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