Re: Indexing after adding external filter

Hi Stephan,

> What is the expected behavior of the following scenario:
> 1. Everything is indexed from scratch with BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG=1
>     (1st run). Wait until finished.
> 2. After that: beagle-shutdown
> 3. Add an external filter for mime type text/x-tex.
> 4. Started beagled again with BEAGLE_EXERCISE_THE_DOG=1 (2nd run)
> ?
> I'm asking 'cause I've got the impression that files of type text/x-tex
> aren't indexed in the second run even when I added an external filter
> for them before. The log file indicates that the indexer is running over
> all directories, doesn't detect any changes and skips them therefore.

I just checked in a fix (rev 3373)  which will enable re-indexing of already 
crawled but not indexed files.

Note that in the ideal world, we would want to re-index files whenever (1) 
there is a newer version of the filter available than the one it was last 
filtered with (2) there is a filter with a higher priority (i.e. better 
match) for the file than the one it was last filtered with and (3) there was 
no filter available for the file before. The indexer handles cases like (1) 
and (3) but leaves out cases like (2) because that would enormously slow down 

Thanks for pointing it out,
- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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