Re: Browser Extension Project Finished. Call for test.


It's great Epiphany is finally going to get Beagle extension. I use
Epiphany 2.18.1 and Beagle (Ubuntu Feisty's defaults).

Dnia 16-08-2007, czw o godzinie 14:18 +0800, Tao Fei napisał(a):

> If you get any problem and find any bug , please do let me know.

So let me begin.

** (epiphany:8109): WARNING **: Could load key file for 'beagleIndexer':
'Key file contains line '\u001f?\u0008' which is not a key-value pair,
group, or comment'

I wanted to open the extension files with gedit, but it didn't work. 

In fact I don't know anything about python.

I'm afraid it means I shouldn't be testing this extension in the first
place. But I couldn't resist. 

Is it possible I don't have some packages installed? 



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