Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing

On 8/14/07, Joe Shaw <joe joeshaw org> wrote:
On 8/14/07, Sean Carlos <sean carlos gmail com> wrote:
> 1) The extension seems to take over Thunderbird at start-up.  I get an
> "Unresponsive Script" warning several times.  On the first run, there
> was a crawl progress dialog.  I haven't seen that on successive runs.

I see something similar to this: a progress dialog pops up but it's
modal, so I can't do anything else with Thunderbird while it's up.
This is pretty annoying, and it lasts for a few seconds.

The dialog should appear one time and one time only. It is needed and I have explained the purpose of it a bit better in my response to Sean.

The settings dialog also appears to be modal, too.

I can change this, there's no reason why it should be.


Pierre Östlund

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