Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing

I'm very happy to see work on Thunderbird indexing progressing.

Here's my very initial feedback based on limited usage:

1) The extension seems to take over Thunderbird at start-up.  I get an
"Unresponsive Script" warning several times.  On the first run, there
was a crawl progress dialog.  I haven't seen that on successive runs.

2) Crawling, and thus indexing, only seems to happen for one pop3
account.  I have several.  This may be due to incompatibility with
"Folder Panes Tool" or other add-in?

3) When opening a message from the beagle-search gui, a Thunderbird
message window opens, but it remains empty.


- Thunderbird
Add ons:
* Contacts Sidebar
* Folder Panes Tool
* MorColsForAddressBook
* Google Desktop (Indexing disabled during test)

(I disabled these extensions and restarted Thunderbird. The unresponsive
script error still occurred.)

- Fedora 7
- Beagle 3.0 (svn last Saturday).  I'm running beagle UNINSTALLED.  This
seems to have some issues, I cannot open the Beagle preferences dialog
from the search gui; I must open it from the command line.

- Multiple Pop3 accounts
- Many filters for subscriptions to E-mail discussion lists.
- Several years of e-mail :-)

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