Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing


On 8/14/07, Sean Carlos <sean carlos gmail com> wrote:
1) The extension seems to take over Thunderbird at start-up.  I get an
"Unresponsive Script" warning several times.  On the first run, there
was a crawl progress dialog.  I haven't seen that on successive runs.

Hmm, I have never seen those messages before. Where are the messages displayed? What are the full message descriptions? I'm in particular interested in which file and line the message originates from. The information is too vague for me give a better response.

The dialog you saw only appears once and it's only supposed to do so. There's nothing strange here, you are seeing "normal" behaviour. The dialog is used to mark everything as not indexed on the first run so that the extension knows what it should index. This is needed and the reason I use a dialog for this is to inform the user about what's going on instead freaking out the user with massive CPU usage. I also want it to "take" over Thunderbird so that as few things as possible can mess up the process.

2) Crawling, and thus indexing, only seems to happen for one pop3
account.  I have several.  This may be due to incompatibility with
"Folder Panes Tool" or other add-in?

This is also a "hmm" question. Other extensions should not interfere here. Have you enabled "dump" and checked what's printed to terminal? It would be a big help to me if you checked this out for me. Also, you can right-click a folder/message and see if the "Remove [message|folder] from index" is available. If it is it means that the message or folder has been indexed. You can try right-clicking a folder that lives within one of the POP3 accounts that you suspect haven't been indexed and select the remove-option and see if the extension continues to index.

3) When opening a message from the beagle-search gui, a Thunderbird
message window opens, but it remains empty.

This is most likely a bug but I can't tell if it's a bug within the extension or the beagle backend yet. If you enable the "dump" command, run Thunderbird from a terminal and then try opening a message from beagle-search you'll see the URI of the message in the terminal. The URI printed might give away some information (like if it's a valid URI), so I would like to inspect it. You don't have to run beagle-search from terminal if you don't want to, running Thunderbird from a terminal is sufficient as that instance will be called by beagle-search when opening a new message.


Pierre Östlund

PS. You can enable the "dump" command by typing "Components.classes [';1′].getService (Components.interfaces.nsIPref).SetBoolPref ('browser.dom.window.dump.enabled', true);" (without the quotes) within the error console. DS.

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