simple questions

Hello all,

I have some (very) simple questions about beagle
and I could not find anything about them.
  1) I would like to search in some directories outside 
my home in which I dont have write permission.
I added those directories with AddRoot.
Beagle seems to ignore those files.
Can I make beagle to index them right now, if yes, then how?
Or does beagle need write permissions (for acls or anything)?
  2) I am trying to make some of my own filters hence
I would like to specify the extensions (in the filter xml file)
with egrep-style regular expressions. Is it possible?
  3) Does anyone have any experience with Thunderbird,
Dovecot (maildir) and Beagle? I tried to look through
the source but it is well beyond my programming knowledge.
  But if there were egrep regex extension support, then  I could
write my very own filter for those files using python
or perl libraries... 
  4) This python/perl is needed because
some of my e-mails are html-entity, quoted-printable, 8-bit, 
iso-8859-2, utf-8  encoded and so on.
I guess this is not a problem for Beagle at all, ie it can search
in any e-mail no mattter how it is encoded.
What about the attached files?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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