GSoc 2007 Weekly Report (Browser Extension Rewrite)

Hi, all

As it is the first weekly report.I'd like to give a quick introduction
about myself.
I am a Chinese student.
Now I study in the Southeast University, Nanjing, China.
I major in Computer Science And Engineering.
My GSoc project is "Browser Extension Rewrite".

In the first week, I
* read the existed code (firefox extension)
* consider about the structure  of the extension
* did some UI design

As I have an class  project(write an SEU lex) to be finished  before May,1.
I could not put much time on GSoc project next week.
What to do next week,
 * finish UI design (and implement)
 * design the XML file format to save the preference.
 * the preference related js work.

About blog:
My GSoc blog is here,
(Joe:you can add it the to Planet Beagle)

I have another blog (in Chinese)

About SVN:
I put the project in
The svn repository  is located in

You check out my GSoc blog for the latest progress.
Tao Fei (陶飞)
My Blog:
My Summer Of Code Blog:

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