Re: simple questions

I have some (very) simple questions about beagle
and I could not find anything about them.
  1) I would like to search in some directories outside
my home in which I dont have write permission.
I added those directories with AddRoot.
Beagle seems to ignore those files.
Can I make beagle to index them right now, if yes, then how?
Or does beagle need write permissions (for acls or anything)?

This should work. I never tried it but I will try it sometime and let
you know. Do you see any specific error in the log files ? Are you
sure those directories are added correctly - in log file of beagled,
in the initial 50-60 lines, there should be a line saying "Adding root

Also, as Stephan pointed out, you can use a static index to index such files.

  2) I am trying to make some of my own filters hence
I would like to specify the extensions (in the filter xml file)
with egrep-style regular expressions. Is it possible?

I think the extensions are matched by a regular expression, so it
should work too.

  4) This python/perl is needed because
some of my e-mails are html-entity, quoted-printable, 8-bit,
iso-8859-2, utf-8  encoded and so on.
I guess this is not a problem for Beagle at all, ie it can search
in any e-mail no mattter how it is encoded.
What about the attached files?

If you throw email files (containing single emails, maildir style) to
beagle, it knows how to index emails. Also beagle will take care of
the attachments itself. Sometimes there is a problem in determining
the mimetype of email files, instead of message/rfc822 they are
recognized as text files by our mime type sniffer. So, if you can
somehow ensure that the files that are sent to beagle have the
mimetype explicitly set to message/rfc822, beagle will correctly index
them for you.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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