Re: Multimedia key to popup beagle-search window


On 4/4/07, Jakub Nawalaniec <pielgrzym prymityw pl> wrote:
 I have a keyboard with special 'spotlight' key, just perfect to pop-up
beagle search window. I can't map this key in beagle config (tried '229' and
'0xe5' but no luck).

Sorry for the delay getting back to you.  I had to track down a
keyboard with multimedia keys -- I use the old fashioned super-clacky
IBM Type M keyboards.  No frills, not even a windows key. :)

The problem was that we were using an old version of the keybinding
code from GNOME before it supported multimedia keys, and that's a
cut-and-pasted chunk of code throughout GNOME.  I just updated it in
svn and confirmed that multimedia keys work with it.

Unfortunately there's no way to get it working without patching the
source.  The relevant revision is r3643.


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