Multimedia key to popup beagle-search window

Hi peeps,

I have a keyboard with special 'spotlight' key, just perfect to pop-up beagle search window. I can't map this key in beagle config (tried '229' and '0xe5' but no luck). I launch beagle-search --icon with gnome session. I mapped the spotlight key to cmd 'beagle-search' and I can pop up another instance of beagle search. Unfortunately this way has two major disadvantages for me:
a) it's damn slow - I'm a very impatient person, that's why I use beagle ;)
b) it pops up another instance of the search window hence the search isn't recorded in the tray icon's search history :(((

Is there a way to force beagle to use a multimedia key as popup key?

Please help :(

Best regards, JN

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