Re: default exclude patterns


On 4/8/07, Phil <pod internode on net> wrote:
  One thing that troubles me though is the built in exclude patterns in
FileNameFilter.cs.  What if I want to index Makefiles or files in dot

As the FIXME in there says, they probably shouldn't be hardcoded.

  I believe that default excludes should be installed in the user's
config files at install time rather than hard coded. Then the
default behaviour would be no different from the user's perspective
but the excludes could be removed if the user wishes.

To index Makefiles successfully, you'd also need a filter which could
parse them and extract meaningful text from them.  One reason why
they're in the exclude list by default is because we don't have such a
filter and since every makefile is simply named "Makefile", searches
based on the name are largely worthless.

  Is there any way to override the built in excludes?

Not without removing them from the source, sorry.

Patches always welcome!


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