Re: beagle-search: Showing the top 2 of 3 total matches

At Mon, 2 Apr 2007 08:06:21 -0400,
D Bera wrote:
> I haven't checked the man page. beagle-search returns top 100 results.
> beagle-query returns top 100 by default, you can use --max-results (or
> something like that) to get more results.

Unfortunately, it doesn't allow more results:

          Reduce  the  number  of  search  results  returned  per
          backend.  The default  is  100, and  this  is also  the
          maximum allowed.  --stats-only  Show only statistics on
          the number  of search results  and how long it  took to
          get them, and not the results themselves.

> The limit of 100 in beagle-search is for usability reasons. Its a
> visual tool and usability experts decided there is a pretty way of
> showing a lot of results to the users visually. 

It's one of these one size fits all solutions that I'm not comfortable

> For advanced users like you, we provide the C and python API.

But that's also not very user friendly, for my purposes.  I'm looking
for something in between: simply a search tool that is sufficiently

Felix E. Klee
Jabber: feklee jabber org, SIP: 9779619 sipgate de, Skype: felix.klee

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