Re: beagle causing high load when X not active?

At Sun, 1 Apr 2007 11:09:16 -0400,
Joe Shaw wrote:
> If $DISPLAY is unset, you would have to run beagle-shutdown to shut
> down the daemon (or --replace, which effectively does a shutdown and a
> restart).

Hm, I did have "beagled --replace" in my ~/.bash_profile, and
nevertheless several beagle deamons started running concurrently when I
logged in multiple times on the console.  But don't mind about this
particular problem.

> Thanks for filing the bug, I'll take a look at it this week.

Great.  I'm looking forward to the option for turning off faster

Felix E. Klee
Jabber: feklee jabber org, SIP: 9779619 sipgate de, Skype: felix.klee

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