Re: beagle causing high load when X not active?


On 3/30/07, Felix E. Klee <felix klee inka de> wrote:
beagled somehow detects when I switched to a different virtual console
and think the machine is now idling.

Yeah, I can only assume that switching to a VT causes the X
screensaver extension to kick in.

> Another possible workaround is to unset the DISPLAY environment
> variable when running beagled, so that it can't connect to the X
> server.

I faintly recall some problems when doing that, namely that when
starting "beagled --replace" from ~/.bash_profile when I log in several
times in a row [1], then I had several instances of beagled running
concurrently.  I think we discussed that on IRC, but I may be mixing
things up.

No, you're right.  The X connection is used for two things: (1) for
monitoring the screensaver and kicking it into high gear when it's
enabled and (2) for monitoring when the X session is over, so it can
exit.  So right now you can't have one without the other.  If $DISPLAY
is unset, you would have to run beagle-shutdown to shut down the
daemon (or --replace, which effectively does a shutdown and a

Thanks for filing the bug, I'll take a look at it this week.


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