Beagle File index problem


I have the debian sid package of beagle 0.2.0 installed. I tried to compile the cvs version but although I have installed the version 2.19 or 2.2 of gmime-sharp (libgmime-cil) the configure script does not recognize this version and keeps saying that I had 2.17 installed.

Anyway. I'll try to explain the problem I have. I am running the daemon with the --fg option to see what the daemon is doing and I deactivated all other backends, only the File-backend is active.

The indexer seems to crash on every *.doc-Document he finds and at the same time loosing the index he builded up to the crash time. I can reproduce this. I wait until he indexes a certain document. Then I search for this documents and he is able to fid it. No problems. When he finds a word document I can see the backtrace in the console window and if I search another time for the same document, he doesn't give me any results.

Is this a known bug? Does this have to do with the wv1 version?
Which gmime-sharp do I have to install to be able to build the cvs beagle on debian sid?

Thank you.

P.S.: A sample stacktrace of some of these crashings:

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