Bookmark Queryable

Greetings and Salutations,

While still learning about queryables, mono, and C# I came upon an idea
for a queryable that I wanted to pass by the group for feedback.  After
scanning the code for the MozillaQueryable it seems that the code deals
with the mail client but there does not seem to be code for indexing the
bookmarks.  What is the groups feeling on such a queryable?  Some features
of such a queryable could be:

* Indexing of all bookmarks
* Indexing of all immediate links in the HTML of the bookmark's URL
* Use of bookmark wildcards

As the first two features are obvious this basic use case is for the
third.  I use wildcard bookmarks all the time in FF an example is with the keyword python.  With
this bookmark all I have to do is type python sys to get the docs for the
sys module.  Another description:

* When reading bookmarks from bookmark file search url for wildcard value
(in  ff this is %s)
* Place all wildcard URLs in a hastable by keyword (keywords delimited by
' ')
* When DoQuery is called if a query part equals a keyword in hashtable
then submit (all combinations of query parts that != keyword(s)) requests
to URL associated with keyword.
* Evaluate responses for correctness (HTTP:200:OK)
* Return all correct responses as hits ranked by number of query parts
used  in request


* There currently is not a specific bookmark queryable currently
* There is an easy mechanism for removing indexes to keep lucene
synchronized with FF bookmarks.
* Mechanisms for rendering remote websites is easily attained.  I had
problems with a basic programatic access to google search results one
time.  I fixed it by having it completely simulate a mozilla browser which
was a pain and in java so I hopefully will not have to start from scratch
with c#.



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