Re: Beagle File index problem


On Fri, 2006-09-15 at 13:18 +0200, Paul Wellner Bou wrote:
> The indexer seems to crash on every *.doc-Document he finds and at the 
> same time loosing the index he builded up to the crash time.
> I can reproduce this. I wait until he indexes a certain document. Then I 
> search for this documents and he is able to fid it. No problems. When he 
> finds a word document I can see the backtrace in the console window and 
> if I search another time for the same document, he doesn't give me any 
> results.
> Is this a known bug? Does this have to do with the wv1 version?

wv-related crashes pop up from time to time.  I suggest filing a bug
against wv here:
I believe wvware is what AbiWord uses for Word documents, so it's in
everyone's best interests to get crashers like these filed so they can
be fixed.

> Which gmime-sharp do I have to install to be able to build the cvs 
> beagle on debian sid?

The gmime thing is unrelated, but to build Beagle you need at least
2.1.19.  One thing to note, though, is that due to the versioning of
gmime's mono libraries, if you have 2.1.x you have to recompile beagle
against 2.2.x.

(Now that 2.2.x has been out for a while, I'm just going to bump the
requirement in CVS to 2.2.0 and this problem should go away.)


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