Re: Bookmark Queryable


On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 13:54 -0500, Adam T. Gautier wrote:
> On Thu, September 14, 2006 1:06 pm, Joe Shaw wrote:
> > In general I am rather nervous about indexing remote resources for a
> > number of reasons:
> Yes, this is understandable.  However, I assume that the QueryDomain was
> ment to adress this.

This is an important distinction.  There is a difference between
indexing remote data locally and searching remote stores.  The
QueryDomain only handles the latter case.

> During DoQuery shouldn't the queryable hit the lucene index to match 
> results?  The only network traffic after play nice with the network 
> indexing is when the user opens the bookmark.  Or am I missing 
> something?

If we're only indexing data stored (or cached) locally, then this is
true.  This is how IMAP messages work with the Evolution and Thunderbird
mail backends already.  Beagle never touches the network.

If we're just indexing the URL and title of the bookmark stored in
~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile>/bookmarks.html file, then this is fine.  If
you want Beagle to actually index the content of that page transparently
(ignoring the Firefox extension and web history backend), then it has to
hit the network.  I'm not sure that's a good idea.

> What?  Beagle phones home? GTFO...  

Well, it doesn't right now because we only index local data.

> I am not sure if Google/bookmarks are ok or gmail/flickr are ok in your 
> opinion?  

Sorry, I meant that Gmail and Flickr were ok because they are logically
part of your "personal information space", and since you have to
authenticate to get at those resources that are definitely yours, there
is probably no problem with both (a) fetching that off the network and
indexing it locally or (b) searching it remotely.


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