Re: Bookmark Queryable


After mulling over this issue I believe that I have finally found a way to
express my point of view.  Bealge currently addresses the "personal
information space" problem.  This is a big problem and I understand it
personally as I have 2TB of disk under my desk right now.  With my user
hat on I installed beagle and have been very happy with the results.  With
a few bugs here and there it does what it needs to do and I have a nice
graphical search capability. I also can see how this functionality will
mesh well with dashboard.  However, almost immediatly I have run into the
bounds of my "personal information space".  The problem that I have
currently is on the edge of my "personal information space" and "total
human knowledge".  Beagle provides no mechanism for discovery of
inadiquacies within my "personal informatin space".  What I propose is to
allow an "expanding information space" concept to be added to Beagle. 
This would allow for the discovery and inclusion of new information into
my "personal information space".  The benifit of using beagle as opposed
to say a web-browser is that this "expanding information space" enteres my
"personal information space" indexed and accessable.  Obviously, more
integration with browsers and such just make this more transparent.  This
functioanlity is not directly opposed to dashboard which is to allow
instant and dynamic access to the "personal information space".  However,
there are many issues and reasons why dashboard should not have access to
the expanding information space".  To this end I have a solution to

1.) Allow access to set the query domain in the UI + libbeagle
2.) Define each query domain inclusive of it's lesser predisessor: system
= system + local
3.) Define Neighborhood as all networked based components of the "personal
information space", this would include gmail, flickr, and anything outside
the system but controled by the user.
4.) Define Global as the "expanding information space", This would the
bridge between "total humman knowledge" and the "personal information
space".  Primarily, this would be queryables that use external, not
controled by the user, indexes for searching.  Where allowed, results
could enter into the "personal information space" as desired by the user.
5.) Dashboard does not use the Global query domain.

What do you think?


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