Re: Building a Queryable


On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 23:59 -0500, Adam T. Gautier wrote:
> I am still having some problems with getting the beagled to call the
> GoogleDriver (I know it is not supported, that is why I created
> StubDriver).  

Sorry, I should have mentioned this sooner.

Beagle has different "query domains."  Right now, all the tools
(beagle-query and beagle-search) only look in the "local" and "system"
domains.  The google backend exists within the "global" domain, so it is
never searched by default.

At present, there isn't any way to change these, short of hacking the
code.  Search for "airplane" or "airport" in the code; there should be a
FIXME and you can change the code to additionally search the global
domain.  Then you should see Google results.

Your driver also uses the Global domain.  If you switch it to the Local
or System domain, it should work.

Sorry about that. :(


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