Re: Beagle, e-d-s and evolution-sharp

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 14:13 -0400, Joe Shaw wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 10:44 +1000, Arif Lukito wrote:
> > I dug this up a little bit from e-d-s changelog and evolution-hacker
> > list archive and I found that was an ABI break at some point and the so
> > number was bumped in 1.6.3 release. Here is the corresponding changelog
> > and the diff[1]:
Ah!! I forgot to update evolution-sharp after the bump.  

> We may not be using the affected APIs, or else we would have likely seen
> crashes, so for the purposes of Beagle (and *only* Beagle), it's
> probably ok to edit the evolution-sharp.dll.config file to use the
> correct soversion.  But keep an eye out for anything fishy.
> Varadhan, any comment on how best to handle this from the Evo side?
Joe, evolution-sharp doesn't use the affected APIs.  We can just do a
configure time check for 2.6.3 and update evolution-sharp.dll.config
file accordingly.

V. Varadhan

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