Re: Building a Queryable


Thanks for the input.


I am still having some problems with getting the beagled to call the
GoogleDriver (I know it is not supported, that is why I created
StubDriver).  It seems like it just doesn't do it.  Thinking it was
something that I did I created StubDriver.cs to make a very simple
backend, this is helping me get my feet wet).  I got it compiled and it
seems to work up to the point of DoOneQuery in QueryDriver.cs.  I added
some debugging text to help me see what is going on (see: patch) (being
new to Mono I haven't played with the debuggers/profilers for the language
yet). The Lucene based backends work fine no problem but both the
GoogleDriver and my new StubDriver never get their AcceptQuery function
called.  I guess an exception may be thrown that I am not seeing.  I will
put try to put some sort of mono step-debugger on this in the next few
days but if any gets a chance to look at it that would be great.

beagled.output - My beagled output
StubDriver.cs - A very basic backend, it should return a hit for every
query part
200609052346.patch - Multifile patch that adds debugging output and
StubDriver.cs to make files

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