Building a Queryable

Greetings and Salutations,

I need an IMAPQueriable as my mail is on various IMAP servers.  I have a
bunch of python code for interacting with the IMAP server that I am hoping
to be able to rewrite for C# or I assume that I can find libraries for C#.
 I started with wanting to write a simple QueryQueriable and I followed
NetBeagleQueryable as a model since it inherits from IQueryable and others
inherit from LuceneFileQueryable and IIndexableGenerator.   I now have a
stub that implements the DoQuery, GetQueryableStatus, GetItemCount,
GetSnippit, AcceptQuery, and Start methods.

1.) Is this enough or do I need to implement some other methods?
2.) Is inheriting from IQueryable enough for a QueryQueriable?

My second problem is that I have been away from a configure && make &&
make install based projects for several yaers.  How do I get my new test
code to compile in with the rest of beagle?  I know there are no stupid
questions but that sure comes close :)



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