Re: baegle daemon always indexing

does that also happen for thunderbird?
as far a i understand, thunderbird backend also uses files and so your
explanations would mean that thunderbird backend also has to rescan
everything from start, after beagle restart?! that would explain, why my
beagle always turns wild at startup...

Could be. Beagle stores the time when it indexes a file in its
extended attributes or sqlite (if xattr is not available). The code to
check if something has been indexed based on its extended attribute
was incorrect.
Actually speaking, there are a few more places where similar check
takes place.  All those checks would return incorrect result in
0.2.13. Thunderbird backend could be using these checks.

Since we will be using gmcs (.Net-2.0) in the next release, and gmcs
handles the problem without complicated hacks, I am waiting for the
transition to gmcs before fixing all DateTime problems once for all.
The transition was supposed to happen last weekend ... but I got busy
in the Archive filter work.

That said, there could other reasons for the heavy machine activity
during beagle startup. Check the log files for further info.

- dBera

> DateTime handling was incorrect prior to 0.2.12; I fixed it in 0.2.13
> except one place which got slipped my attention. The result of this
> half-fix was that restarting beagle would cause it to re-index
> everything. Basically, any time beagle tries to determine if a file is
> already indexed, it will fail. So, if you re-start beagled, or dont
> have inotify (so beagle will have to crawl periodically) your
> documents will be indexed over and over again.
> The other problems doesnt look familiar though; repeated indexing is
> not supposed to increase the size of the Index folder. Also if you
> have inotify, everything should be indexed exactly once for each
> restart. I will have a look at your exceptions.
> (The above mentioned problem has been fixed in CVS, btw).

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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