Re: beagle imap handling?


On Wed, 2006-05-03 at 17:03 +0100, David Aveiro wrote:
> Yes that's precisely my problem, I have about 1GB of email (tens of
> thousands of files - Maildir format), and having that replicated is a lot :)

Yeah.  I am in a similar boat.

> What do you mean by cache clean itself? Evolution cleans the cache after
> a while (like erases mails from cache that aren't viewed for a long time)?

Well, a cache should only make things more efficient, it shouldn't be
strictly necessary.  As a colleague of mine once said, "A cache that
never cleans up after itself isn't a cache, it's a leak."  I don't know
if Evolution cleans up after itself in low disk situations.

> If beagle had indexed all cached emails and then they disappear from
> cache but beagle can still search for it, that would be ok for me...

Yeah, I would be fine with Beagle having some way to signal to the mail
clients, "Hey, I'm interested in this email, can you pull it down for
me?"  But scale is always a problem.  That's probably fine for 1, 2, 20
emails, but if Beagle is consistently asking for 40,000 emails it'll
saturate your network connection.

> But I would need to first somehow make evolution fetch all messages from
> IMAP server and put them in cache... Ideas for this?

I believe if you right click on the folder, go to Properties, and check
the "Copy folder content locally for offline operation" checkbox it will
do it.  If you have local filters you run on messages I think that will
do it as well.  And of course if you actually read the mail, that will
also cache it locally.


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