Re: beagle imap handling?

On Tue, 2006-05-02 at 15:09 +0100, David Aveiro wrote:
> ivo welch wrote:
> > beagle would definitely be more useful if it eventually acquired the
> > smarts to also index imap servers, too.  I am keeping my fingers
> > crossed.
> I also agree that the ability to connect directly to an IMAP server and
> index all messages would be great. I think lots of people like to keep
> their email on remote and/or local IMAP servers (as in my case,
> fetchmail + procmail + Maildir + Dovecot), for easy transition of access
> according to the needs, use different local email clients and/or webmail
> from different places.
> Beagle could simultaneously index headers trough the mail client and
> then the whole messages fetching them directly from the IMAP server and
> in this way it would have an URI for easilly open found messages
> directly in the mail client as it happens now.

I use IMAP too, and all my email (headers + body) is being indexed. You
just need to direct your email client to make a local copy of your
email. I think that's preferable than having your email client and
beagle access your remote email, especially from a slow connection.

> I find myself repeatadly having to use the mail client's search facility
> as beagle does not index all mail I have. It would be very nice to be
> able to use just beagle-search's interface.
> Shoud we file a feature request? Where?
> Cheers,
> David
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